Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas

The oil and natural gas industry is growing rapidly. The raw materials contain considerable flammable and explosive materials. The explosion-proof advantages of pneumatic double diaphragm pumps can play an important role in extraction and transportation in this industry.


The most important thing about a pump is its explosion-proof, durable, corrosion-resistant, and ability to withstand harsh weather. Due to the petroleum refining environment, pumps that can withstand humid environments, long periods of sunlight, and extreme temperatures are required.



It is suitable for: 

  • Oil and gasoline transfer
  • Chemical transfer
  • Chemical injection
  • Wastewater sump transfer
  • Waste oil evacuation
  • Additive transfer
  • Cellar pumping
  • Transfer of inhibitors, anticipants, or anti-fouling chemicals
  • Circulation of hot glycol


DYI SHENG Solutions for Oil and Gas: