Ceramics Industry

Ceramics Industry

TDS-DYI SHENG’s air-operated double diaphragm pumps are also very suitable for ceramics and glaze industries. The design of diaphragm siphon conveying has excellent wear resistance and durability for high-hardness fluids. Compared with centrifugal, gear, and piston Type pump, which has the advantages of a lightweight, low cost, and long life. Our AODD pump is definitely your best choice.

Ceramic Material Transfer Pumps | TDS-DYISHENG Pump



Glaze, Pottery clay thick liquid


It is suitable for: 

  • Ceramic slurry transfer
  • Glaze transfer
  • Adding water to ceramic slurry
  • Adding colors to floortiles, wall tiles or sanitary ceramic


DYI SHENG Solutions for Ceramics Industry: