Mining Applications

Mining Applications

In the mining environment, when water is pumped from the rock surface in a mine, quarry, or gravel pit. It usually contains abrasives such as sand, clay, drill cuttings, and other potentially harmful objects, and the pH value is usually very low. Therefore, workers in the mining industry often face potential threats from hazardous chemicals. Mine pumps are a key part of the equipment to ensure a clean, safe, and productive working environment. TDS-DYISHENG pneumatic diaphragm pump helps to reduce risks. It can transfer liquids containing impurities, particles, and sand in the mining environment. It is safe, durable, and has a low probability of failure.
Instead of muck pump, mud pump, dewatering pump.
It can be used in processing liquid contain with high viscosity, solids and mud.

Mining Pumps | TDS-DYISHENG Pump


It is suitable for: 

  • Drift dewatering
  • Fuel transfer
  • On-site lubrication service for heavy machinery
  • Solids and semi-solids evacuation
  • Chemical transfer and supply
  • Water Evacuation
  • Utility
  • Filter Press
  • Oil Transfer
  • Drillers Mud


DYI SHENG Solutions for Mining: