Electronics industry

Electronics industry

TDS-DYI SHENG’s air-driven double diaphragm pump are also widely used in the electronics industry. The pneumatic pump can work for a long time or even idle without the risk of overheating the load. Moreover, our products use self-lubricating seal rings, which can be driven normally with only a small amount of lubricating oil, and will not generate a lot of oil gas, and are suitable for use in a cleanroom environment. The wetted body has two materials: stainless steel 316 or polypropylene. And the Teflon diaphragm and Teflon ball valve. They are all suitable for the transportation of strong acid and alkali liquids. And the minimum operating pressure of the pneumatic double diaphragm pump only needs to be driven by the air pressure of 1.0 Bar. The low-pressure transfer of the liquid can avoid the safety concerns of the operator due to a large number of splashes during leakage.

AODD Pumps for Electronics industry| TDS-DYISHENG Pump



Ultrasonic cleaning, ultra-pure fluid, Etching fluids, Acid lye


It is suitable for: 

  • Printed circuit board cleaning equipment
  • Etching fluids transport equipment
  • Strong acid and alkali transport


DYI SHENG Solutions for Electronics industry: