Metal Forging Industry

Metal Forging Industry

TDS-DYI SHENG’s pneumatic double diaphragm pump has passed the EU CE certification and ATEX explosion-proof certification, which is very suitable for the transportation of high-risk flammable liquids. In addition, the diaphragm siphon design has excellent wear resistance and durability for fluids mixed with slurry. Even if the particles are mixed in the liquid, as long as the larger particles are filtered through the initial stage and the particle size is maintained within the allowable particle range, it can be transported smoothly without clogging. At present, pneumatic diaphragm pumps have been widely used in various metal forging /CNC processing industries.

Pumps for Metal Forging Industry| TDS-DYISHENG Pump



Methanol, Parting agent, Waste effluent recycle, Red Lead Primer, Rust Shield Enamel


It is suitable for: 

  • Grouting operation in the casting process
  • Anti-rust treatment of primer spraying for foundry products
  • Release agent coating in die casting operations


DYI SHENG Solutions for Metal Forging Industry: