Water & Wastewater

Water & Wastewater

Environmental protection is everyone's mission. Air-operated double-diaphragm pumps (AODD pumps) can be widely used in water and wastewater treatment. Nowadays, technology and industry are advanced, the large amount of wastewater produced in the production process is highly corrosive and chemically corrosive and has a great impact on the environment. In the process of neutralizing and purifying wastewater, TDS-DYISHENG pneumatic diaphragm pump is a very important mechanism. The air-driven double diaphragm pump can transport wastewater containing acid, alkali, chemical liquids, and impurities, and there is no danger of overheating or explosion due to excessive load caused by sludge clogging the pipeline. Safe, sturdy, durable, and explosion-proof pumps are the advantages of pneumatic diaphragm pumps over electric pumps. An air-Operated diaphragm pump is also a very suitable choice for the biological wastewater treatment of the food industry.

Water & Wastewater Pumps | TDS-DYISHENG Pump


It is suitable for: 

  • Filter Press
  • Dewatering through filtration
  • Chemical dosing to neutralize pH levels
  • Treat sludge
  • Wastewater sump transfer and sample
  • Municipal water treatment
  • Sewage treatment
  • Potable water systems


DYI SHENG Solutions for Water & Wastewater: