Chemical Processing

Chemical Processing

The chemical processing industry contains all kinds of acid, alkali, or flammable liquids. Safety must be paid great attention to in transportation. Our Air-Operated diaphragm pumps are driven by air pressure and do not require any electricity. They are safe and easy to operate. Any sparks are no generated when the pump working. And our products have passed ISO9001, European Union CE, European Union ATEX explosion-proof certification. The products are guaranteed. 

Chemical Pump Applications| TDS-DYISHENG Pump

Advantages & Application:

  • Increasing Safety & Efficiency 
  • Maximize your productivity & minimize your maintenance and downtime. 
  • Filling a tank, drum, bucket, or dosing chemicals in precise amounts. 


It is suitable for: 

  • Mixing
  • Filter Press
  • Packaging
  • Batching
  • Tanker/Rail-car Unloading
  • Bulk Transfer
  • Day Tank Transfer
  • Injection 


DYI SHENG Solutions for Chemical: