1. Air inlet unusual: Check the air regulator whether works or not. If it can’t work, change the abnormal parts.

2. Pipeline clogging: Check the fluid pipe whether blocks or not. If it blocks, removing the obstruction. (Make sure the pipe is relieved air pressure to prevent casualty.)

3. Damaged parts: If the parts of the Air Driven Double Diaphragm Pump have damaged, please contact a professional person.

1. Loose joints: Check the input pipeline whether close tightly.

2. Diaphragm problem: The diaphragm loose or ruptured might lead air escape to the pipeline, please contact a professional person.

1. Condensation Water: If it leaks oil-water mixture from the silencer, not the liquid which transports. It should enhance the air pressure pipeline and install the modular type F.R.L unit.

2. Diaphragm problem: If it is the liquid being transported, the diaphragm may be loose or ruptured. Please contact a professional person.

1. Ball valve abnormal: If the ball valve has severe wear parts or include foreign objects, it might cause a ball valve abnormal. Please change the parts or remove the foreign object.

2. O-ring abnormal: If the O-ring wear and tear, it might lead to air pressure unbalanced. You can purchase spare seal kits by yourself to exchange the broken O-ring.

  1. Pipeline stuck: Make sure whether the inlet/outlet pipelines are blocked or not. It might cause the inner pipeline to get smaller. We recommend you clean up or change the pipeline.

  2. Abnormal lubrication: Ensure the air chamber of the Pneumatic Duplex Diaphragm Pump whether lubricates sufficiently or not. Please clean up the dirty parts. (It is recommended to add lubricating oil to the air pressure inlet pipeline every half year, don’t exceed 10ml each time.)

  3. Sequential valve abnormal: If the deterioration of the sequential, if it is worn, please change it.

  4. Compressed Air Lines Freezing: The Slithery Mass Valve #53 might be frozen because of low temperature and condensation. If it happens, it is recommended to add antifreeze in the pipeline and enhance the air drying to improve the situation.

  5. Clogged Silencer: If the air quality in the environment is horrendous, it may cause the air pressure source to mix dust. When it happens, it will block the silencer hole, which will cause unsatisfactory exhaust after a while. It is suggested that replace the new or a larger aperture silencer.

1. The Slithery Mass Valve #53 and Include Ply #54 are worn: If the Slithery Mass Valve #53 and Include Ply #54 are worn. It will have occurred air leakage which will cause the Air Operated Double Membrane Pump to operate abnormally. If it happens, please replace the part.

2. O-ring is worn: If the O-ring inside the Body of the Sequential to Air Valve is worn. It will have occurred air leakage which will cause the Air Driven Double Membrane Pump to operate abnormally. Please replace the O-ring.