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1-1/2 Inch Aluminum Alloy Air-Operated Double Diaphragm Pump

Wetted Body Material: Aluminum Alloy

Center Air Chamber Material: Aluminum Alloy

Diaphragm material: Teflon (TFM), Polyethylene(UPE), Santoprene (STP)

It is suitable for the transportation of benzene, solvent, paint, glue, resin, oil, pulp, mud, sludge, casting fluid, methanol, and neutral liquid, but not suitable for acid, alkali, seawater...

Diaphragm Specification:

MaterialTemperature Range
UPE (U)-5  to  +60°C
TFM (T)-60  to  +180°C
Stantoprene ® (O)-10  to  + 80°C



Liquid inlet & outlet1-1/2”  PT(BSP)
Air inlet1/2”  PT(BSP)
Air outlet1”  PT(BSP)
Lowest pressure1.2 Bar(kgf/cm²) ; 17.4psi
Max pressure8.3 Bar(kgf/cm²) ; 120psi
Working pressure advised2~5.5 Bar(kgf/cm²) ; 29psi~79.75psi
Solid limit⌀4.8~6mm
Air consumption2400Liter/Per Min.;84.72 Scfm/Per Min
Inlet lift(deep)6 m-wet;3.7m-dry
Assemble size41(L)cm x 31(W)cm x 53(H)cm
Gross Weight22 KG
Max flow rate89.7 Gallon/Per Min. ; 340 Liter/Per Min.
Liquids ServiceabilitySuitable for neutralized liquids such as neutralized wastewater, sludge, coating paints, paints, inks, methanol, mud, and low viscosity resins. It can also be used to transfer organic solvents, petroleum, and gasoline using plastic diaphragms. This type can be used in sludge dehydrators and frame filter machines. Their work efficiency and lifespan are superior to other types of pumps.




ModelOperating ManualPump Exploded View2D Dimensional Drawings3D Dimensional Drawings
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