Demonstrative Video: Possible outcomes of ball valve parts abrasion

      This video is a 3D demonstrative video about two fault situations in ball valve blockages. In the future, a series of explanatory videos will be released to help everyone make a preliminary judgment when a malfunction occurs. If you have any pump-related questions you would like to consult on, feel free to contact DYI SHENG.

Possible outcomes of ball valve parts abrasion:

  • If there are solid impurities in the fluid conveyed by the pump, the ball valve and the ball cover may wear out overtimes, and the ball valve may deviate from its original position, creating abnormal fluid delivery.
  • The ball valve and the ball seat abrasion can also lead to a wider gap in the ball seat, causing the ball valve to be stuck on the ball seat, eventually blocking the entrance and stopping it from sucking fluid.
  • If you find your pump in the situation of ball valve and ball seat abrasion, please be sure to check regularly and replace the worn parts in time to avoid other failures caused by the damage of the parts and increase the maintenance cost; you can also contact our sales and purchase parts that are suitable and durable.