Choosing the Right Air-operated Diaphragm Pump: Mastering the Key 5 Points!

How to choose the perfect air-operated diaphragm pump for industrial needs| TDS-DYISHENG Pump


When faced with demands such as 'I need to extract chemicals,' 'I need to extract wastewater,' and 'I need to extract paint,' how should I choose the appropriate pump? We understand deeply that the choice of pumps is crucial for the smooth operation of industrial processes. DYI SHENG air-operated double diaphragm pump offers seven different size options and comes equipped with various materials, including aluminum alloy, stainless steel, and polypropylene. So, how can I make the right choice?


Just remember the following five key points, and selecting the suitable pump will no longer be difficult!

Here are the five key points to consider when choosing a air operated double diaphragm pump:


Fluid: Select the appropriate pump material and wetted parts based on the nature of the fluid, such as aluminum alloy, stainless steel, plastic, etc. This helps improve the pump's corrosion resistance and service life.


Temperature: Choose suitable wetted parts depending on the fluid's temperature; for example, pay special attention to the applicable temperature range of the diaphragm material.


Fluid Characteristics: Consider the properties of the handled fluid, such as viscosity, pH (corrosiveness), and particle content. Different pump materials and designs are suitable for different types of fluids, so ensure that the selected pump can adapt to the fluid's characteristics. You can refer to the ' Chemical Compatibility Chart' to determine the pneumatic diaphragm pump materials suitable for transporting the fluid.


Flow Rate Requirements: Determine the flow rate required for your application. Choose a pump that can meet your maximum flow rate requirements while also considering potential future expansion needs.


Operating Pressure: Determine the required operating pressure range for the pump's effective operation. It is recommended to choose an operating pressure between 1 to 3 bar, which will help extend the pump's service life and durability while meeting the flow rate requirements.


In summary, choosing the right air-operated double diaphragm pump requires considering multiple factors. Selecting a pump that meets your requirements will enhance the efficiency and reliability of your industrial operations. If you need further assistance, please feel free to contact us.



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