AODD PUMP VS. GEAR PUMP: AODD PUMP Low Shearing & Pumps solids-laden fluids

Pumps solids-laden fluids

The air-operated diaphragm pump is designed for the siphon diaphragm. It’s suitable to transport fluids containing effective solids size. Pumps can be widely used in the automation industry, sewage treatment, mining, shipbuilding, electroplating, chemical industry, electronics, construction, and other industries.

When the pump transports fluids containing effective solids size, the solids can easily pass through the Ball Cover and Ball Seat. During transport, it could maintain the integrity of the solids-laden fluids.



Air Operated Double Membrane Pump is suitable for conveying shear-sensitive substances, such as jam, coconut jelly, tapioca balls, and sauce. Low flowing and shearing are the features of the diaphragm pump.


Pumps solids-laden fluids without pump damage

Pneumatic diaphragm pumps can be used to transport fluids containing solids, but there are still limitations on the size of the allowable solid. When the pump transports fluids containing larger solids, it may cause blockage and affect the operation of the diaphragm pump. Because of the Pneumatics, pipe blocking will not cause electrical load, overheat or explode.

It is recommended to clean under safe conditions to remove impurities or any material stuck near the ball valve, after which your pump may restore normal operation. If the condition cannot be resolved after cleaning, it is recommended to send it back to us DYI SHENG for repair or replacement of damaged parts.




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