This video is a 3D demonstrative video about fault situations in the diaphragm pump. In the future, a series of explanatory videos will be released to help everyone make a preliminary judgment when a malfunction occurs. If you have any pump-related questions you would like to consult on, feel free to contact DYI SHENG.


When transferring fluid, there are two situations that could lead to diaphragm breakage in the diaphragm pump.

Suitable Diaphragm material varies from different fluids based on fluid’s chemical traits such as corrosiveness, PH level, or temperature. The diaphragm itself may become deformed or embrittled over time when it is used in unsuitable fluid, eventually, the diaphragm will rupture.

Another possibility of diaphragm breakage is when the fluid contains hard and sharp particles. In the process of conveying fluid with particles, those hard, sharp particles could cause the diaphragm to dent, and create holes on the diaphragm, eventually leading to diaphragm breakage. In that case, choose a diaphragm material with better toughness or filter out sharp impurities, which will greatly improve the situation.


Possible outcomes of diaphragm breakage:

At first, when the hole is small, some air may leak from the air chamber to the discharge pipe. At this time, the pumping frequency may be irregular, and the discharge may contain air. The conveyed fluid may seep back into the air chamber, causing damage to the parts in the pump’s air chamber. The silencer may also entrain fluid while exhausting air, which could be potentially hazardous if the fluid is harmful.


If the hole becomes larger, it will not be able to accumulate pressure due to a large amount of air pressure leakage, and the discharge pipe will also entrain a large amount of air, which the pump will not be able to operate.

If this type of issue often occurs to the pump you use, please be sure to check regularly and replace the worn parts in time to avoid other failures caused by the damaged parts, which might increase your cost; you can also contact our sales and replace these parts with suitable material that are much more durable.




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