DYISHENG Industry keeps Earth Day EVERYDAY!

DYISHENG Industry keeps Earth Day EVERYDAY! |TDS-DYISHENG Pump


The issue of environmental protection has become the focus of global attention, and DYISHENG air-operated double diaphragm pumps can bring the following environmental protection advantages in the production and processing process.


1.【Energy saving】: DYISHENG air-operated diaphragm pump adopts the patented design of the latest air valve developed by us, and the air-driven drive can operate with a minimum of 1.0 Bar. Compared with other air-operated double diaphragm pumps, this design can save 15~20 at the same flow rate of gas consumption, with no need to consume a lot of energy, energy saving, and environmental protection.


2.【No leakage】: DYISHENG TDS pneumatic diaphragm pump has superior sealing performance, which can effectively prevent liquid leakage and reduce pollution to the environment and water sources. The diaphragm design of the pump prevents leakage to the outside of the pump or to the internal parts of the pump, ensuring the safety of the environment and operators. At the same time, the pump will not generate high temperatures and harmful gas emissions during operation.


3.【Liquid waste treatment】: In many production processes, liquid waste treatment is an important environmental protection issue. DYISHENG pneumatic double diaphragm pump can effectively transport waste liquid, including particles and corrosive liquids within the allowable diameter range, so as to ensure effective recycling of liquid waste and avoid pollution to the environment. 


4.【Multi-application】: DYISHENG Air Operated Double Membrane Pump have a wide range of applications and can meet different needs in different industries and applications, including chemical industry, printing, electroplating, sewage treatment, etc. This means that the same diaphragm pump can be used in multiple fields, which reduces the need for different types of pumps and achieves the value of sustainable use.


DYISHENG Industry invites you to build a healthy planet together.


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